A guide to Surviving Erangel in PUBG

When PUBG first came out, it only had a single map in it. That map goes by the name of Erangel and has a variety of quirks and nuances you will need to master. Its defining traits lie in its woods, hills and cities in the middle of seemingly nowhere.

It allows you to sink your teeth into the game at a good pace, without having to master everything from the very beginning. You won’t find yourself scratching your head for a player unknown battlegrounds hacks early on in this map. It sets the tone for the game to release other maps far more tactical and complex than this.


However, this map is not very simple to master. After all, people were using pubg aim bot from the get-go back when only this map existed. As such, it is important to know the overlaying structure of the map and what it has to offer.

Usually, the places on the map with denser population of buildings will hold the best loot. The odds of stumbling into a tier 1 weapon is much higher in places like these. However, it is also risky going into such places since it will attract most of the players.

Some seemingly small time places on the map include the prison, school, military base and the quarrel. You will soon discover that these places are the hub of many squads to land during the early game.

There are plenty of bridges around the map, marked with dots. Many players camp in these regions to get some easy kills. Camping can get very difficult for a player. As such, it is one of the most prominent reasons for people resorting to player unknown battlegrounds hacks.

There are also plenty of underground bunkers, which are not displayed on your map. The entrances to these bunkers lie in the square marked F4 on the map.
There are also a large number of areas, which are completely open and with zero cover. Stay away from such areas, especially in the early stages.

Places to Go

Before opting for pubg hacks, keep in mind that there are a plenty of good places for players to start the round. Here are some of them:

Georgopol: Known for its unique loot and solid item lists

Lipvoka: Usually quiet and not inhabited by players. Lots of easy loot available.

Pochinki: Famous for its maze of houses, which allows interesting fire fights.

Military Base: Plethora of good loot to be found. However, it is quite a risky place.

Prison and Hospital: For those who want immediate action right away

Vehicles and Weapons

Vehicle spawns are pretty random. However, you should have an idea about which ones you should get and which you should avoid. Using a player unknown battlegrounds hacks however; you will not have to go through such headache. There exists software, which allows you to drive any vehicle with the same accuracy and handling. If you are interested, you are a simple Google search away from such hacks.

Weapon spawn is also random. Depending on your range of engagement, you will be frequently changing between assault rifles, SMG’s and sniper rifles. The M416 is probably the most trustable amongst all of the weapons, since it has high efficiency in all ranges. If you want long distance action, the AWM is probably your best bet. learn more about PUBG hacks.